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1100T Roll Over Valve Kit – For V-Flow Cold Air Intake

May 11 2015


This product is required for the EVO VFI Cold Air Intake if there is the possibility of the sled being rolled upside down. This electronic valve will prevent oil from going into the intake and/or turbo when the sled is rolled. It accomplishes this in the following ways: The tether, when pulled, will both shut of the engine and close the breather tube at the same time. This product features an OEM Arctic Cat tether switch which is a higher quality switch, when compared to some aftermarket plug type switches. For example OEM Arctic Cat tether switches have an inner rubber seal to keep snow out of the switch which greatly reduces the chances of corrosion forming inside the switch. Additionally the OEM Arctic Cat switch features a brass plunger rod as opposed to a cheaper plastic plunger. The kit uses a high flow, normally open shut-off valve. The valve is resistant to fuel/oil and uses a weather-pack connector to help seal out moisture. This greatly reduces the chance of corrosion at the connector. The normally open design also adds the additional safety feature of the valve remaining open in the event of a system power failure. The valve is spring loaded to open or vent. The roll-over oil valve system is designed to default to the “open valve” or “normal venting position”, for safe engine operation. A red flashing LED indicator light, alerts the rider when power is being supplied to the valve. A flashing LED indicates that the shut-off valve is closed. The flashing LED functions both as a warning light and as a reminder light letting the rider know that the Roll-Over Valve is still switched “on”. The factory handle bar mounted kill switch remains fully functional after Roll-Over Valve kit installation. If the factory kill switch gets depressed during a roll-over event, the Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve will still remain fully operational! A 3 amp fused circuit to help protect the snowmobile’s electrical system.

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