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1100T Blow Off Valve Kit

May 11 2015


The EVP Arctic Cat 1100T billet aluminum Blow Off Valve is a direct replacement for the factory plastic diverter valve, but functions differently and is far more durable and reliable with high boost applications. The addition of our valve greatly improves responsiveness in on/off/on throttle situations. Mountain riders will appreciate this when they are doing a climb and have to let off the throttle to do a direction change, then get back into the throttle. Trail/Lake racers will notice substantially reduced lag when coming out of a corner because the turbo will remain spooled. This upgrade also solves the compressor stall issues that plague the stock valve. The EVP BOV has additional safety features as well. Our valve has a .8″ ID inlet and outlets compared to the factory .4″ ID (look at the inside the outlet and you will see how small the opening is) The kit includes new silicone intercooler and intake pipe connector hoses and European style hose clamps and silicone vacuum hoses. The vacuum hoses are pre assembled with pinch clamps. Fully detailed instructions are included with the kit.

  • IMPROVED FOR 2013!! – New brass piston style check valve – much more reliable
  • Billet Teflon coated aluminum construction
  • Sold as a kit with all necessary hoses and clamps
  • Vacuum hoses are pre assembled utilizing 3mm wall thickness silicone hose and Oetiker pinch clamps
  • Crisper on/off/on throttle response with reduced lag
  • Made in the USA
  • Much safer than the stock valve in high boost applications
  • Eliminates compressor stall which ruins the turbocharger bearings over time

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