Drive Belts

Do you want a superior and less expensive alternative to costly OEM belts?  EVP has worked with GBoost Technology, a highly regarded CVT belt & clutching manufacturer to help validate many new belt compounds for both SXS’s and Snowmobiles.  Each compound was subjected to an extensive durability regiment through our sponsored racer program and on our own big horsepower vehicles.   The “BAD ASS” line  of drive belts have proven themselves under the most grueling conditions which allows customers and racers peace of mind that they can drive their vehicles HARD without the fear of premature belt failure.  Besides being more durable compared to OEM belts, the BAD ASS belt compounds provide better grip which transfers more power to the ground. Furthermore, Gboost is one of  the only manufacturers that designs belts for different uses and conditions for the same vehicle.  This is truly BADASS!

See your vehicle manufacturer below for the available sizes, compound types and pricing.