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Evolution Powersports (EVP) a leader in the powersports industry for software tuning, exhaust systems, intake systems, clutching and turbo systems is proud to introduce our performance upgrade system for the Textron Wildcat XX. Although the Wildcat XX comes stock with 125-130 Engine HP (~98 whp), with some simple and proven upgrades, we have this beast pushing well over 138 HP. Dyno Testing / Tuning the XX:

We baseline dyno tested the Wildcat XX on our Dynojet chassis dyno at 98 wheel HP which translates to about a 22% drivetrain loss. We installed our EVP Performance ECU software calibration to improve overall power of the engine on pump 91 octane fuel and gained a tremendous power improvement over stock. The EVP software tune unlocked an additional 6-7 whp from this 998CC Yamaha engine. Additionally, the cooling fans are triggered 15 degrees cooler, the rev limits and speed limits are raised and the ignition and fuel tables are calibrated for optimal power. Our industry leading software calibration is the only flash on the market that can be done without opening the ECU. This means the ECU is left 100% intact without any traces that it has been modified and zero chances the ECU will be damaged from moisture or water.

V-Map Dash Flash: Our V-Map Dash flash is also the only software upgrade that can be custom calibrated with a Multi-Map Dash flash option. When our dash flash option is enabled the user can select different pedal maps from the dash which are custom tailored to different driving conditions. Our 3 different modes were developed for vastly different pedal sensitivity and were developed for drag racing, duning or rock crawling.  

EVP Magnum Exhaust for the XX: On the exhaust side of our performance system, we added our hand built stainless steel slip on exhaust system which adds a robust exhaust note to the wildcat XX without being too loud. Our free flowing exhaust system not only sounds great but it improves power and reduces back-pressure.  Power is improved by 4 whp over stock with a drastic reduction in exhaust temperatures. All of our exhaust systems are built in Phoenix, AZ at our exhaust manufacturing facility.  Each system was carefully designed and manufactured by skilled craftsman.  All of our exhausts are made with US T-304 stainless steel and are built specifically for each application. We don’t use pre-made mufflers sourced from overseas manufacturers like many in this industry.  We build everything 100% in house which translates to unmatched quality, better sound and maximum performance.

Dyno Results for the XX:

Dyno Representation of the performance gains with the EVP Performance Upgrades Power is measured at the wheels.  ~22% drivetrain loss

Summary: EVP has spent many months with our company owned Wildcat XX developing ECU calibrations to enhance the performance of this vehicle.  Because of the game changing potential of the XX we have decided to go extra deep into this ECU and bring features never seen before in the SXS Market! First, when looking to purchase a tune for your $20,000+ vehicle, the first thing you should ask the tuning company is “do you own a Wildcat XX?”  Most companies do not own the XX and essentially “borrow” a vehicle for a few days to perform development.  At EVP, we believe that in order to perform proper development, the vehicle must be purchased so the necessary R&D can be done both on the dyno and in real world conditions.  Our company owned XX has spent countless hours on the dyno to test different software calibrations.  Once the tuning was completed, the vehicle was field tested in Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  These places represent the vast majority of conditions our customers drive their vehicle and this helps to ensure the tuning is optimized and tested in the environment our customers ride.

The second thing you should ask is “do you need to open my ecu to flash it?” Most companies must open the Wildcat XX continental ECU in order to flash it.  EVP has developed the Industries first and only diagnostic port and bench flash system that does not require the ECU to be opened.  Typically an ecu that has been opened will void the vehicle warranty and is prone to damage due to moisture penetrating the OEM seal.  In addition to adding power through manipulation of timing, fueling and torque limitations, we have spent much time enhancing the overall drivability, convenience and safety of the vehicle. 

Wildcat XX ECU Programming – Standard Tune Features:

  • • Diagnostic Port flash -meaning your ECU does not have to be opened!
  • • Horsepower gain over stock (Up to 8 WHP with exhaust)
  • • Rev limit raised to 9800
  • • Speed limit raised to 120 MPH
  • • Left foot braking enabled (gas and brake at the same time without going into limp mode)
  • • Race Start - Start in any gear without having to have your foot on the brake
  • • Fan on temps lowered (for a cooler running engine)
  • • More aggressive throttle (pedal map revised)

EVP Exclusive Multi-Map Tune Features:

  • • Dash flash to enable Multi-Map with EVP logo upon startup
  • • 3 pedal maps for different riding conditions (M1 VERY aggressive (drag racing), M2 linear (duning, general trail riding) and M3 fine (rock crawling)

EVP Textron Wildcat XX Performance Components / Pricing:

  • • Stage 1 ECU Upgrade (Stock Exhaust): ECU-TWCXX-STG1 $499
  • • Stage 2 ECU Upgrade (Slip On Exhaust): ECU-TWCXX-STG2 $499
  • • Stage 3 ECU Upgrade (Slip On Exhaust and Intake): ECU-TWCXX-STG3 $499
  • • Stage 1 Multi-Map ECU Upgrade w/Dash Flash (Stock Exhaust): ECU-TWCXX-STG1-MM $799
  • • Stage 2 Multi-Map ECU Upgrade w/ Dash Flash (Slip On Exhaust): ECU-TWCXX-STG2-MM $799
  • • Stage 3 Multi-Map ECU Upgrade w/ Dash Flash (Slip On Exhaust and Intake): ECU-TWCXX-STG3-MM $799
  • • Single to Multi Map Dash Flash UPGRADE: ECU-TWCXX-DASH $299
  • • Upgrade or Downgrade from current stage: ECU-TWCXX-UG - $50
  • • EVP “Magnum” Exhaust System for factory rear valence: EX-TWCXX-MAG-FV $499
  • • EVP “Magnum” Exhaust System with EVP rear valence: EX-TWCXX-MAG-EVPV $799

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