In the midst of all of the COVID-19-craziness, Evolution Powersports was honored to take part in the “Together” Movement to help out both our off-road family and local community.

Last month, EVP and several other great industry brands banded together to help bring some relief to their local communities during these trying times. The goal was to not only help industry shoppers save some extra cash on their purchases but to also help some of those hit hardest by this pandemic. During the month of April, each participating company offered a discount to buyers and donated various amounts from each sale to a deserving organization in their community.

We were blown away by the support and overall outcome of this promotion. Thanks to our amazing community of riders, EVP was able to donate $12,000 to those in need!

Jim Zuccone interviewed several organizations in EVP’s hometown of Somerset, Wisconsin and found T.H.U.G (Truly Humble Under God) Life Ministry and Somerset Food Pantry the most fitting to receive the donations.

The T.H.U.G Life Ministry organization specializes in helping homeless teens in the Somerset area. This is an amazing organization not only assists teens in need but helps them get on a path to success for their future. Many of those that they take in have been abandoned by their families. The ministry provides shelter, food, clothing and assists with medical expenses. In the long term, they help with GED, Vo Tech and securing mentorship programs. Evolution Powersports is honored to be one of the many local organizations that offer mentorships to THUG Life Ministry teens.

Another local organization deeply impacted by this pandemic is the Somerset Food Pantry. Many people in our community were laid off or lost their jobs, which in turn increased demand for their services. They have also experienced falling donations due to people being unable to contribute. We felt that our donation could help them in reaching those in need during this unprecedented time.

Evolution Powersports is proud that these two great organizations are in our local community and grateful that we could contribute. None of this would have been possible without our faithful riders and partners in the off-road community. TOGETHER we were able to make an impact! Thank you!

Participating brands & businesses:
  • Evolution Powersports
  • Buggy Whip Inc
  • Pro Eagle
  • Power Tank
  • Assault UTV
  • HCR Racing
  • PCI Radios
  • PRP Seats
  • Baja Designs
  • Boxo USA
  • Savage UTV
  • Milestar Tires
  • Trophy Burro

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