The stock plenum frequently fails at modest boost pressures and is highly restrictive which can limit the power potential of your X3 in higher boost applications. We offer a variety of ways to solve that issue.




The Clamp is a lightweight but durable brace that “clamps” around the OEM intake plenum, preventing the premature failure of the plenum by reinforcing its weak points.
Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, this CNC machined brace was designed to have optimal strength while being mindful to overall weight. It has been extensively tested on race vehicles and highly modified engines to ensure its effectiveness and durability.

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Designed to solve performance limitations and strength issues that plague the OEM plenum but at a lower price point than our Torrent-B Billet Plenum.
We have seen power gains of 5-12 HP (depending on boost level) with adding our plenum alone. The Torrent-F intake runners and injector bosses are machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and designed for optimal flow. The fabricated portion is CNC bent 1/8” TIG welded aluminum for maximum strength. The throttle body attaches to a CNC machined flange which is sealed with an o-ring to eliminate the OEM rubber hose clamp connection. A water jetted support brace is welded to the connection pipe for durability under the most grueling conditions. A built in ¼” port is provided for a BOV or boost gauge.

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The EVP Torrent-B Billet Intake Plenum was designed for stock turbo and big turbo applications to solve performance limitations and strength issues while providing a more balanced flow to each cylinder.
We have run HUGE boost through this plenum on our Hustler X3 drag car without any issues or leakage. All connections are made utilizing O-rings for a leak-proof seal. This type of engineering is far beyond the norm for the off-road industry. Two additional vacuum and/or boost ports are provided for a blow-off valve, boost gauge or rising rate fuel pressure supply. Constructed of 7075 aluminum and tested to 70 psi of boost, the Torrent-B Plenum will stand up to virtually any abuse.
Huge power gains when combined with our Dynomite Turbo Systems.

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